Protecting wilderness really Europe-wide

My research paper at the Future of Wild in Europe conference in Leeds concluded 11 key recommendations, two of which I introduced in my previous post. The 3rd and 4th suggestions clearly follow up the 17th resolution of the 10th World Wilderness Congress (aka WILD10), which called upon:

“all European Countries to join together in a European Wilderness Convention based on a framework that incorporates the wilderness definition, and has a ‘model law’ for wilderness as a protocol for its protection derived from existing national legislation for strict protection.”

This resolution has not been implemented yet, but I truly believe wilderness protection should be taken to European level, which means beyond the European Union. One of the interviewees argued that the vote on Brexit proved that the EU should be seen as a flexible entity. The long-term legal protection of wilderness is best guaranteed through a supranational convention similarly to the European Landscape Convention or the Bern Convention.

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